Laser Manufacture News (LMN )and the European Photonics Industry Consortium (EPIC) have collaborated closely together for three years. In June 2015, Guangdong Laser Industry Association (GDLIA) and LMN organized members to visit some key laser companies in Germany, and participated in a members’ exchange activity with EPIC. In November 2015, EPIC visited GDLIA in Shenzhen, and both sides made a decision to hold an alternating event in China and Europe--Eu-Asia Laser Industry Summit.

Europe has a number of world-leading laser research institutes and companies. Most of them contribute to the development and sale of laser sources and core components. While in Asia, laser industry focus more on final processing integration equipment, and in the long term, companies have to purchase advanced core components from Europe and America. In such circumstances Asia and Europe formed complementary advantages, in terms of their industrial structure and market .The Eu-Asia Laser Industry Summit will bring positive effects to the development of the two regions’  laser industry.

Industry development

Europe has the world's top laser and photonics scientific research and the biggest laser application market. Germany, France, Britain, Italy, Lithuania and other countries are the leaders in laser physics and laser industry. With the support from European economic , the laser market finds good opportunities now. According to statistics, about 40% global market share of laser has been taken by Europe at present.

Asia also has a mature development in laser research and market, including China, Japan, South Korea, India, Singapore and other countries, they have good basic construction in laser. In recent years, with the rapid development of laser market, the laser market product value in China in 2014, including laser equipments, laser sources, OEM processing and components, reached 30 billion RMB (4.8 billion USD), accounting for almost 30% in the world, and still maintain a year on year growth rate by more than 10%.


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